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Shape the future of cities!

The majority of people around the world now live in cities for the first time in human history. This rapid urban growth creates big opportunities and challenges. The need to address them is urgent. You can shape the future of your city by using the latest technologies. Join us this February-March for our Global Smart Cities Hackathon and be part of one of the biggest and most exciting changes of our times!

Make An Impact!

Showcase your skills, write beautiful software and master emerging technologies.
Data Scientists
Apply your skills to a new and interesting domain and help uncover new knowledge.
Build innovative open-source hardware. Your project could really make a difference.
Explore ideas for sensor journalism or create data-driven reporting projects. You can also learn about issues your city is facing and how they are being tackled.
Urban Experts
Share your expertise and help ensure that the teams are solving the right problems. This experience might also generate new insights.
Other Experts
Help brainstorm ideas, design projects and test prototypes. You might also enjoy learning coding, data analysis or electronics.

Let's Get Started!

Throw an awesome hackathon. Your event can help boost innovation in your city. It can also help create a local community of practice focused on urban issues.
Sponsor a local hackathon or support us on the global level. 
Offer challenges, attend a local hackathon or particpate virtually.

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