Citizens' mark

Actually, there are a lot of issues in Chihuahua. Some examples are bumps, insecurity, pollution, bad lighting, etc.; that's why this project tries to find the solution with the help of Chihuahua's people voice.
The objective is to locate and report these issues in reall time activity to prevent others. This information will be stored in a data base so anyone can see what issues are over the streets and know their location.

How will it work

A Google map will be inserted in a web page. People, whenever they find any street issue that should be repaired, will leave a placemark on the map and upload a brief description of the problem.
Some control will be applied, like trying not to repeat many times the same problem; and creating users, to prevent everyone from uploading information not related with these project objective.

About us

Five ITIC students at ITESM in Chihuahua, from second to eighth semester, gathered to solve a social problem: deteriorated or inefficient infraestructure in Chihuahua's streets.



Ave. Heroico Colegio Militar 4700
Nombre de Dios

Start: 8:25, 19 February 2015
End: 4:30, 21 February 2015

Yamil Elías
Paola Salcido
Dilan Coss
José Ángel Luján
Jorge Ortiz