Madrid, Spain

Local Awards went to.... Justrash (first award), Breathe Better (second award - Optiva Media), DensiTweet (ESRI Award),  SmartLights (IBM Award). Congrats!

Welcome to the Smart Cities Challenge!

The Challenge: Join us and work with Madrid to solve real challenges the city faces. Help us to improve citizens experience and help explore new ways to measure the impact of the city services.

Who Should Participate: Everyone! You don’t need to be a technology expert to participate... We’re looking not only for computer programmers but also for business thinkers, policy analysts, journalists, designers, community organizers, urban planners, or anyone else who is interested in solving real urban challenges.

What You'll Do: Form teams to rapidly design and prototype solutions for Madrid as a smart city. Teams will present their solutions to a panel of city representatives and other experts who are ready to implement the best ideas. You could create an innovative app, a hardware idea, a new business model, or a policy intervention!

All Hackathon participant will have a 90 days Bluemix account at no charge. Bluemix is the Cloud Foundry PaaS that participant will be able to use for their prototipes, using all the available services, IoT, Watson, etc.

Global Awards: Two winning teams will go on to compete globally against contestants from 20+ cities around the world participating in the Global Urban Datafest, see global awards and panel of judges. 

Local awards: 

    Best Project: 600 € (UCM Award, Primer Premio)

    Second Best Project: 300 € (Optiva Media Award, Segundo Premio)

    Best Geolocation Project: 500 € (ESRI Award, Premio Específico)

    IBM Award: In each city, one (1) team will be eligible for $12,000 USD credit good for any SoftLayer server or services (Premio Específico. See Madrid Rules for more details).

  General Rules  -  Madrid Rules

Requirements and Resources available: On friday there will be a PaaS presencial trainning so that participants get more familiar with the platform. Additionally there is virtual trainning available here (

Documentation about Bluemix: All documentation will be available here.
General docs and pics: here.
SCHEDULE   (details)

Friday, March 6th: 

2.30pm - 3.00pm: Welcome and Registration

3.00pm - 6.15pm: Technical Workshop and Training/Lab around Bluemix.

  • Introduction and Bluemix workshop
  • API ESRI workshop (Links: 1,2,3,4)

Register at Bluemix here 

6.30pm - 8.30pm: Hackathon Presentation and Brainstorming


Saturday March 7th: 9am - 9pm

9.00am - 1.00pm: Morning Hacking Session

  • 1.00pm End Teams Registration and Project Pages
1.00pm - 2.30pm: Lunch 
2.30pm - 6.00pm: Afternoon Hacking Session

6.00pm- Deadline development

6.30pm - 8.30pm: Prototypes Presentation and Winners announcement

8.30pm: Closing 

Grupo G-TeC (

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (
Grupo GRASIA! (
Grupo TGIS (
Campus Moncloa (
Hackathon Lovers (
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Calle Alameda, 15
28014 Madrid

Start:   6 March, 2015
End:   7 March, 2015


General Chair: 

Victoria López,

Organization committee:

Beatriz González-Pérez,

Guadalupe Miñana, 

Raquel Caro,

Héctor Ramírez,