Monitoreo de Trabajo Infantil en México

Child Labor Monitoring Tool


This is part of an advocacy project of Save the Children in Mexico which is meant to provide children and local communities with tools for the discussion of their rights and the responsibilities of the State, so as to raise awareness, gather their participation and work together on improving their living conditions. 

This mapping and visualization tool is also part of a collaborative effort of a national network of organizations and researchers (Mesa Social contra la Explotación de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes) to monitor child labor exploitation and improve public policy. 

At this first stage, this monitoring tool presents data from official sources at State level and focuses on children ages 5 to 11 (note, the size of the population is still not dimensioned to the size of the population it represents); it also does not include a child-friendly format. Following stages will include providing information about child labor at local levels, increasing the ages covered and designing tools for the use of children and youth. Please let us know if you are interested in knowing more about the project or if you want to participate. And please let us know if you have any advice.

Full Description

This project responds to the need of Save the Childrens´ teams to discuss child labor with children and local communities with more adequate tools to raise awareness, increase participation and strengthen their advocacy strategy. The opportunity to develop this monitoring tool first appeared as an operating project to accompany a position paper that was being done as a collaborative work with the Mesa Social contra la Explotación de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes network to strengthen the capacities of our teams, and to inform the general public about children and work in Mexico.

NOTE: The data and content of these mockups does not represent the final data and content of the proposal, and only serves as a visualisation tool to aid with the presentation of the project.

We visualize this monitoring tool as part of a child labor discussion kit that can help our teammates that work on location to express children´s rights, to discuss the local context and situation, and to facilitate the participation of children and community members. As such, the monitoring tool includes brief information on what the law says about child labor and what the government informs about the situation; the tool would also help our teammates collect local reports and the views of children, so as to strenghten our advocacy, participation and monitoring efforts. 

The research that had been done included some general information on the situation of children at work, but it lacked the concrete and decisive information required to answer very particular questions. 

The lack of this data limited our capacity to discuss subjects, define strategies and agree on our agendas.

So we started defining what questions we still had that had not been answered in our first research. It so happened that the questions could not be left aside. 

We started implementing the "Escuela de Datos" methodology to explore data, organize our tasks and design the telling of our story. All this work could not have been done without the support of Phi, to whom we are much thankful and to whom we hope to show soon our progress. (Sorry, could not upload the link to

We found the courage to take a dive on the data and refine it. We still have too much work to do on these tasks.. on the 11th of March we will share some of our findings on the Forum "Rostros del Trabajo Infantil", also organized by the Mesa Social network; if you are interested on attending, please let us know.

We had to priorize showing very general information on this platform; we hope it is of use to you: it basically shows the gap between what the law says, and what the situation is; we have to stress that this is a tool meant for discussion and that it is in no way implied that each and all of these situations have to be persecuted, criminalized or erradicated.

Unfortunately, we did not have the time to add information on the crossing of very relevant data that is intended to show the complexities of this issues and the urgent need to guarantee the rights of every member of the community for the effective protection of children´s rights.. 

However, even when the time was so limited, I have to say thanks to my colleagues, because I have been learning so much from this process, and this experience has given me a lesson on the worth of every minute of work; if I can give you a word of advice: work with the people for whom a napkin is not enough, work with the people who go straight to the tablecloth to develop, improve and exchange their ideas. 

We are very thankful for the opportunity of sharing this work with you. We hope you can give us some words of advise to keep this project growing. Please, do not hesitate to contact us. All the best!! Stu, Iván& Fdo.

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