Vancouver, BC

Urban Opus is hosting a Vancouver Smart City Hackathon - come and join us! 

Prizes: TBD


We will be using the Urban Opus data hub as our primary source of data. It contains a set of real-time and open-data related to transport, environment and the city. Anybody can upload open data to the Hub, or push realtime data to the Hub - and anybody can browse, view and graph data via the Hub's UI, or access the data via the Hub APIs. If you have a data source you want in the Hub, contact us and we'll try and set it up for the Hackathon.

Check it out at: Urban Opus data hub

Of course, you're not obliged to use the Hub, or the data, but we'll have experts on hand to help you with the Hub so it'll let you get started quicker.

In addition, we'll be supporting the cool Node-RED IoT visual programming tool that is the hot latest tech for IoT. Check it out at: IoT foundry.

We'll be bringing along a box full of cool gadgets including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IoT gateways and a whole set of sensors.

If you're looking for some project ideas, check out the projects on the Urban Opus web project pages. If course, if you've got your own data, ideas and hardware - bring them too.

More details and to sign up



Centre for Digital Media
 685 Great Northern Way Vancouver, BC

Saturday 21st Feb

Friday 20th 7-9pm Orientation (Optional session)
Saturday 21st 8am-10pm


Rodger Lea

David Vogt

Mike Blackstock

Jordi Hernadez


Nam Giang

Reggie Gillett

Roberto Calderon