Mobile Food Market


            The Mobile Food Market App is designed to provide a simple way for users to locate mobile food markets in their area and easily find out what items are currently in stock.  

Full Description

            Many large cities are are having trouble getting fresh market food to the people living in the densely populated downtown areas.  As a way to combat this growing problem city planners came up with the idea of turning used buses into mobile food markets.  These mobile markets are able to provide fresh groceries within walking distance of those who need it most.  This project focuses on an Android app designed to informing those who want to use the mobile markets.  Since the trucks may be moving around current location is important.  Users will find a map of their current location with every mobile market in the area highlighted.  By simply clicking on one the user has access to more information such as name, phone number, hours of operation and up-to-date inventory.

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Greg Bordelon
Nathan Hall
Ken Busby
Quinn Pommerening
Justin Hahn


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