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Nowadays one of the most important problems in cities is to deal with traffic, it creates an enormous time delay for everyone and is also one of the most stressing situations of the day. The consecuences of  a lot of traffic are carbon emissions and inefficient use of gas by the vehicles. Our app, Elegua, provides a solution for this scenario. It takes data from your vehicle and using  several algorithms, calculates how much you will save depending on the route you choose. You can also share through social media the routes you have taken and how much you have saved. Another feature is the ability to alert the user when there is a problem with the vehicle and show an array of options from where you can get service.

The real deal

Many times we go to the supermarket thinking we're going to save a lot money. The truth is we never take into account the cost of travel to be considered in our savings. In an increasingly chaotic city in terms transport we must take into account whether there is really a monetary saving and something that sometimes is imperceptible, if saving time is important. Sometimes longer seems a saving, spending 30 pesos least in my purchases if you spend 25 pesos on gas and spend 30 minutes in traffic.

Introduction to OBDII

The system OBDII (On board diagnostics) born in the 80’s and it was made mandatory for every vehicle on 1996. So, what is the functionallity of this system? This is an autodiagnosis of the automovile which is conected by a generic conector for all brands of cars.

Our application

Our project is an application for cellular phones, designed for those who want to save money and are aware of the CO 2 emissions they are producing. Elegua is not only an app, it's also a bluetooth device connected to the OBD II
 port in the car,  it means that it adapts the protocol in the automobile  that shows the status of the vehicle providing some of its  parameters like:
  • Start-up engine time
  • Gasoline levels
  • Global Components (CCM)
  • EGR sistem
  • O2 sensors
  • Catalytic converter
  • Evaporative System
  • Warmup catalyst
The app interprets the data and uses an algorithm to calculate how much the user will spend on each route so he can decide which is the best way for him to arrive at his destination.

Key characteristics
  • System that presents the amount of cash spend in a travel
  • Amount of car emissions
  • Advice for car tuning
  • Database for submitted fault codes
  • Comparisson with similar cars consumption and emissions  
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Esaú Oliva Leaño
Tlakaelel Axayakatl Ceja Valadez
Héctor Eduardo García Plascencia
Andrés Rubio Chávez
Grissell Andreina Esquivel Silva
Noel Luna Rosas




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