Smart Cities


Chihuahua is a growing city, and as any other in the world, it has its problems, such as waste of resources, vial education, and trash separation. While a great way to solve the problem is to act right away, we believe that the best solution, thinking on long term, is to encourage and educate the young population on the matter and in that way motivate them to make the change we have been searching for a long time. 

Full Description
CEGames will focus on teaching and creating consciousness on the younger population. By showing the kids about wrong and right regarding citizenship and good environmental behavior, we believe that we will create a permanent change in our city. The game consists of several mini-games about ecological education and general citizenship. When you fail on a mini-game, a message regarding the subject of it and the city will pop up. If you success on a game, it will go on to another random game and will increase speed.

Video Presentation

CEGames - Team 2E2C12



Alejandro Arellano Huerta

Antonio Valdés Verduzco

Armando Minjares Fernández

Brainy Renne Salcido Torres

Flor Vanesa Jiménez Arroyo

Jesús Antonio Ortega Domínguez