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     This application will be implemented by society in order to create a bigger perception of the events that affects specific areas. By this we expect to achieve a more concise communication between society and services providers or government. 

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In our application we will consider people`s problems and possible solutions for communication with services providers and government.

The system will be divided in a Smartphone application and a web panel.

The smartphone app will have a section with news that can be customized and limited to areas near user`s location, varying in government and public interest sectors included.

Another section will be a space to report anonymously by a panel to relevant government agencies, nonconformity and opinions based on what you are near your location providing a more direct channel between service providers and consumers.

The panel will manage the reports and complaints generating graphics and datamining according to your service agency.

We intend to allow the user more conscious openness to technology aimed at sectors of interest near him, as well as providing a tool to hand over more power to its decisions and opinion to his word through information and incentives for social action.

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Imanol Lasa
Álvaro Zetina
Alejandro Villarreal
Luisa María Elianne Topete (Pony pa los compas)
David Martinez
Enrique Enciso



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