Nowadays Chihuahua city faces a serious problem of potholes on roads and streets, this problem leads to consequences like heavier/slower traffic, car accidents and crashes. The constant water leaks and the different slopes on the streets located on the outskirts of the city where residents constantly report streets in pretty bad conditions and show their inconformity to this problem when begin interviewed by the media.

A pothole is a pot shaped hoe in a road surface. These can vary from small cracks in the pavement to considerably deep holes that affect streets and the traffic in them.
there are several reasons to this problem, these include:

·      The use of low quality materials 

·       Heavy traffic 

·       Pavement erosion due to rain 

·       Geological activity 

·       Lack of maintenance 

·       Water leaks

·       Overweight traffic over the pavement 

in Chihuahua city the potholes have become an every day problem which produces drawbacks like damage to cars, traffic, pedestrian accidents and pavement peeling.

Although today the habitants of the city of Chihuahua can report potholes through social networks, this method can de inefficient and doesn't ensure that the report has already been considered.

we design a system that can locate an anomaly which can be a pothole leakage of water, a police emergency, or a firemen emergency. The case with the buttons sends a signal via bluetooth to the android phone and the coordinates are added to the anomaly location, this information will be stored in the cellphone in order for it to be attended by the corresponding authorities.
In a future stage of the project the information will be send to a data base but in the mean time the data base is simulated with a message label.

Implementation  (prototype)
The project will be implemented using an Arduino board, which receive signals from different buttons, these represent the type os situation and in specific cases the seriousness of the problem. This device will also be connected to LC-06 bluetooth module, which will establish communication with the smartphone, provide with GPS.
The GPS will get the coordinates the place where the problem is located, at this moment such information is only available and shown in the app, due to the current lack of a server for a data base, however these elements will be implemented in the future to have the information available online. It is important to mention there must be a wait of two seconds between each button pressing.
The device's hardware has six buttons , 3 in the top face each one representing the size of the pothole , the red button represents a big pothole, the yellow a medium size one, and lastly the green button for a small one. In the frontal face are located another 3 buttons for other kind of problems, the red one in the right button on the left indicates a police emergency, the yellow button in the middle a water leak and the red one in the right firefighter call. Each button has a led that will turn on when the button is pressed. Finally there are 3 leds in the lower frontal face, the green led represents that the device is turn on, the yellow one shows a stand by mode in which buttons can be pressed and the red one that the information is been send.

the application consists in three buttons, one to connect and disconnect with the bluetooth device, the button includes voice alert whenever the connection is settled meanwhile the second button erases all content from the message list, which simulates the data base that is going to be send to the data base in the future stage. 
Finally the third button opens a web page inside the application that shows a map with the coordinates which the last captured when a button is clicked. In the screen there is also a label that shows the current coordinates, ranging whenever the actual location is changing.
The last element is a label that simulates, that data base that will be added in future stages. For this stage the label shows which button is pressed and the coordinates when it was pressed. The label will contain all the messages until the erase button is pressed. 

 Progress (thursday  19 february 2015)

Program for app android!

Programa Aplicación android!

Galileo GEN2 with bluetooth module!

Progress (friday 20 february 2015)

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