Diffuser is a mobile web application that allows one to check if a particular Starbucks
location is crowded and recommends them to another close location. Using this web app, one can have the convenience to decide if they want to make the journey to one Starbucks versus another based on how occupied the venue is. 

  • Location of Starbucks in NYC
  • Random crowd data
  • Incorporates weekly and timely data
  • Generates a simulated map, which shows how crowded
  • Recommends Starbucks within close proximity
  • Polls how crowded a location is at a certain time

Full Description

Our mission is to use Diffuser as a revolutionary technology which indicates how occupied a venue is, whether public or private so our citizens can make smarter decisions. One should not have to endure the inconvenience of going to a venue and being disappointed when they cannot complete their task. By crowd-sourcing and social media our city can use this web app to determine how crowded a venue is prior to travel and make a smart decision based on that information. If our citizens can make smarter decisions, we can progress as a smarter city which provides efficiency in transportation, travel and overall being able to get where we want to go and continue in our goals effortlessly.

Proposed features:
  • Polling to users in real time when at a venue
  • Use real data from facebook
  • Check in & Check out
  • Alerts you & your friends if they are in near proximity how crowded a venue is
  • Visual population density map in real time, with comparison to other similar venues
  • Implement i-Beacon technology and incorporate this hardware into our app
  • Allow social media sites to incorporate your Diffuser data, with your permission

Video Presentation

To be announced.




Sadia, Kenneth, Nesh



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