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In the city of Chihuahua, Chih, we have a problem with the accumulation of garbage on the streets. This doesn't just happen because of the fact that there is a lot of trash to begin with, but the culture of not throwing our garbage in the trash bins. So, how can we get more people to throw their trash into the bins, rather than into the ground? 

Here at EcoFun, we have come to a fun solution to this problem. 

We are developing a series of trash bins that integrate a sound system and a Display. These will reproduce a particular melody (festive melodies in particular dates) or phrases (like thank you, good job and such), and simulate a score board when someone throws garbage into any of the bins, in order to make this act a lot more fun. Also, all the bins will be connected through a wireless connection, and an alert signal will indicate when a bin is full by turning on a led indicator, and will send a message to a central computer, in order to be emptied.

Our objective is not only creating conscience on the problem of throwing garbage into the trash bin and reducing the amount of trash in the streets and public spaces, but also, making a tedious task into a fun one that appeals to everybody.

Full Description


Our project consists of a regular trash bin, integrated with a couple of infrared diodes and phototransistors, which will serve as the sensors that send a signal whenever something is thrown into the bin. 
This sensors are connected to an Arduino R3, which will receive the signal,and using the instructions programmed into it, it will send a series of pulses with different frequencies to the Buzzer, who will reproduce these pulses forming a melody. 

A second Arduino will receive the signal from any of the sensors and will increase the value of the 7-segment display, simulating a score board.

Finally, if the four sensors are activated at the same time and last two cycles activated (15 seconds), this will mean that the bin is full, and a signal will be sent to the main computer, indicating that this particular bin is ready to be emptied.


The components used in this prototype are:
  • Trash Bin
  • Arduino R3 (2)
  • Buzzer
  • Infrared Diode (4)
  • Phototransistor (4)
  • LED
  • Resistors 180Ω, 220, 10K(12)

  • 7-segment Display
  • 5V Power Supply


  • PROTOTYPE 1 (Day one)

The first step was to create our program, we use an Arduino R3.

After, we made tests with the infrared diodes and phototransistors in order to check if they were functioning correctly.

Finally, the three parts were integrated: Arduino, Audio System (Buzzer) and Sensors. There was a test, and it was working correctly.  

  • PROTOTYPE 1 (Day two)
With all the electronic part working correctly, we started developing the physical component of the prototype: the trash bin.
After building a base for the bin, where all the electronic components will be stored, we positioned the sensors inside the bin, and connected them to our printed protoboard.
Finally, we changed all the resistances and cable from our protoboard, into the printed protoboard, to improve the design of our prototype.

Video Presentation

Take a look at what EcoFun is working on. We hope you like it!




  • Víctor Eduardo Armendáriz - A00757640
  • Eduardo Arvizo - A01185451
  • Lilian Diaz - A01186143
  • Pedro Antonio Guerrero - A01048004
  • Luis Miguel Loera - A00757561
  • Brayan Antonio Rodríguez - A00757507