This application aims to facilitate communication between the company and the customer, monitoring and providing information on the time of delivery (SMS), and to control the route, optimizing logistics and offer customers greater comfort.

Full Description

The GO2U was developed to supplement with more efficiency on products delivery monitoringto your customers. Our application can be processed in any type of device, because have Responsive Web Design.

In future we will ad a mobile version of application, to set up a direct comunnication between deliver and customer, estimating more precisely the delivery time.

This application counts with GeoLocalization in real time to monitor the exact location, also counts with automatic SMS delivery system when the courier starts the trip to notify the costumer about your deliver.

When you open the home page, the user has to realize the autentication putting login and password. All menus are disponibilized according the user profile.

Talking about the couriers, all active deliverys will be able to consult on their profile.

The courier need to complete the status of actual delivery(trip,recieved,recipient missing).

When delivery is ready the customer recieves one SMS informing, when the courier enters in a 2km range of final address another SMS will be sent, all about confort to our customer.

Our goal are optmizing our customer time, leaving their free to organize yourself (the delivery can take a few days) and optimize the delivery time/cost, in fact GeoLocalization will track the most value course for delivery and will be possible make the calcations/monitor the unnecessary time between deliverys.

Thinking on getting better in future, we will be able to recieve the customer answer by non-attendance, reducing re-deliverys costs.

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Gabriel Hiroyuki K. Sindona

Gabriel Pereira

 Gabriela Cristina da Silva

Marcelo Lira Mendonça

Priscilla Marinho Cordeiro


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