Magic Beacons


This project is about building the first global low cost crowdsourcing platform for smart cities. Our solution measures all kinds of environmental data (noise, barometric pressure, air quality, temperature, light etc....) and sends it to the Cloud where it is made accessible for innovative services.The information from off the shelf wearable Sensor Tags is used by citizens(and city governments) to get conversations going in order to improve the environmental quality through their day using mobile and web applications.
It will allow big data analysis to understand trends with very high spatial resolution (x 100 compared to what is possible today) and propose locally suitable solutions.  

Full Description

We connect Texas Instruments Sensor Tags to an Intel Edison board via Bluetooth Low Energy. The data from those wearable tags is then sent via WiFi to a Cloudant database using the IBM BlueMix framework.
The Sensor Tags are integrated in 3D printed frogs, along with another tiny Bluetooth radio providing beacon functionality. This last part enables the "magic": as you get close to the frog, you automatically access the web page containing the real time data from that frog.No need to configure apps, scroll through endless lists of devices, signing up for a new service ;  it is as if the frog is directly talking to you magic ! 
Since all elements  (Texas Instruments Sensor Tags, Edison boards)  are commercially available and low cost, our solution is very easy to deploy and replicate in various cities.Local businesses can "adopt-a-frog" for a fee (of the order of £ 1/week); in exchange they get sponsored custom pages corresponding to the URL broadcast by the frogs.This way corporations or retailers not only contribute to making their city smarter but also get extra revenues attracting new customers through coupons/quizzes/contests associated with the mobile webpages.
Magic Beacons can serve as the basis for an end to end real time sensing and web app platform for smart cities.

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Magic Beacons


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