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Smart cities are not only made by technology, they are also shaped by smart citizens. Motus is a volunteership platform that allows citizens to become drivers of change in their communities through locally organized events and programs. Motus is also a tool that allows the local government to identify overlooked issues in their cities. 

Full Description

As citizens, we are very aware of the issues and problems that desperately need attetion in our cities, but more often than not, we don't know how we can contribute to solving these issues or know people that could support us in our ideas. This is where Motus, latin word that stands for movement, comes in. 

Motus is a volunteer platform that connects citizens who want to contribute to local issues by joining existing volunteership programs and events or by organizing their own with the help of others who share their vision. Both citizens and institutions that wish to organize events or programs can create an event page that lists the abilities and resources needed, allowing people to donate and contribute in many different ways. Initiatives are conveniently categorized by field (eg. health, eduaction, human rights, environment) within the website so that they can easily be found by people interested in that particular topic. 

In Motus citizens can create a volunteer profile that will connect them to causes that match their abilities and interests to locally organized events and programs. Email notifications will be sent to people interested in the initiative's topics, thus allowing them to instantly access volunteer causes of their liking

Motus will also be a tool that permits the local government to discover the issues over which their citizens are worrying and actively working to fix.This will help the authorities to discover new ways in which to improve their city, thus generating a cooperative form of government in which people and authorities work together to improve their city. Companies will also be able to contribute through donation and motivation of employee participation in programs.

Statistics will also be generated in order to allow further identification of key issues and fileds of interest for citizens. 

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Team Motus


Nelson Irías
Fernanda Mezquita
Gustavo Zumelzu
Sofía Maradiaga


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