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Sorting & Collection of Plastics in our Environment


  The #Mizãmike  ("Reuse- us !")program is an extension in a recycling dimension to the proposed Smart City project "Lomé African HubCity " which goal is to imagine the city of tomorrow around innovation’s places, incubators of technology: "WoeLABs".

SCoPE want to transform each Lab in a sorting center with a smart device to better connect the problem of plastic waste, scourge in Africa, with its practical solution. Indeed, there are currently several structures specialized in plastic processing which impact is significantly constrained by the harsh conditions of collection and the fact that sorting still not part of people's habits.

Mizãmike-SCoPE collects plastic waste through urban devices or directly from households, sorts in the network of incubators "WoeLABs" then redistributes to the different structures (companies, NGOs, etc.) interested in recycling. It combines a mobile application that plays with an african habit: the beep; and a visualization collection platform and processing quantitative, qualitative and time of the use of plastics in the African city.


Full Description


The question of the ecological footprint of the plastics industry globally alarming worldwide, has particularly acute in Africa because of the lack of a systemic thinking about waste management in big cities. Figures for Lome, the Togolese capital, reveal that each household produces an average of 0.6 kg waste per day. The town now has nearly 1.5 million people and is expected to increase to one million additional urban by 2025! This extension is without any control or pre servicing, resulting in a malfunction in the treatment of waste. Every year, people in Lomé use more than 3 billion plastic bags. Considerable consumption that feeds the wild dumps and among other environmental corollaries impact impermeability of soils and hinders the natural development of wildlife with the phenomenon known as "flowers of the Sahel". This is an innovative thinking, efficient, rational and sustainable which, within the city, avoid the conversion of part of the waste garbage, to put them at the service of small productions of new tools, objects and designs accessories.

SCoPE proposes this challenge with an integrated and forward thinking that has the potential to sustainably improve the urban landscape of Lomé and could serve as a model or be taken over by others Africans cities.


The name scope expresses the ambition of the young multidisciplinary team (planners, makers, designers, developers, architects, geographers and scientists data) which carries the project and information on the impact that the proposed system could have, over time, in ecological and technological transitions in African cities.

The first phase is to create a central database where a team will manage plastics waste collected, why not the current WoeLab #0? Then, it will increase awareness of the households and the negative impact of plastic waste on our environment and show them the advantage they have in raising their plastic waste for collection. Each subscriber household will surrender his or her phone numbers registered on a platform. A code number will also be assigned to the garbage can of each household.

The second phase is to expect the central database of telephone subscribers beeps indicating that their bins are full. These beeps as they are transmitted over the telephone modem will be sent to Mizamike- SCoPE application, created for this purpose to process information and display it on the map of the area concerned.

The third phase (transport) is therefore to go in households to collect plastic waste and bring them to our sorting places, Labs. We will use trolleys as transportation so that our collection can create jobs to unemployed youth.

The final phase will sort waste plastic, classify and stack them according to their types in big bags. At this level, we must now contact recycling structures as Zam-Ke, ADDEL France &Etan-Togo, MCF, LUPAJOTE etc. to deliver them plastics.

It is important to remember that by the development of this project Mizãmike SCoPE, we will collect a lot of data concerning the use of plastics, see an improvement in the living conditions of the people and the reduction of unemployment by creating jobs in the city.


MizamikeSCoPEweb is a web application created with the PHP language. It helps our project in its management activities by providing an information technology ( IT) solution. It has the following features:

- a subscription service online;

- the location of calls (or beeps) sent by telephone subscribers;

- the updating of a table of statistics that plays a huge role in the recognition of decisions.

Due to its structure, the application will provide data needed for studies on waste from households, more precisely the amount of plastic waste from households, schools and compaanies over a certain period.

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Mizãmike SCoPE

  • Abbey Mathey Amen
  • Amouzou Kevin
  • Londji Tessa Jean Gael
  • Nabiliou Sika
  • Pandam Koumpague



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