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Traffic flow in any city's downtown area has always been a nightmare, and this is due in large part to lack of parking spaces. People park horribly and, by the time the authorities can do anything about it, a traffic jam is created.

Modify the city's parking meters to be able to detect when someone is parked or not. The trick is, they will also know if you're parked right and will be able to tell traffic cops if you're not.


Full Description

We are IT students working in tandem with Mechatronics students to create a network of smart parking meters that will allow citizens to find parking spots anywhere in the city, provide a valuable tool for traffic authorities, and even one day go as far as reserving parking spots for you.

The way we achieved this is by receiving signals from the sensor array (developed by fellow project Smart Parking - IMT) into a Raspberry Pi that read the different signals and updated our MySQL database. This database is accessed by our JSP pages on a server we set up on one of the team member's computer. 

This is what the main page looks like:

Furthermore, this is what the search page would look like:
In here you could check any area, in any city, in any country to find a parking space. Lastly, here is the proposed view for the "Traffic Authorities" page:

Video Presentation

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Priscila Solís
Antonio Spínola
Diego Domínguez
Andrés Sifuentes
Luis I. Bustillo