Grupo Innova

Smart Measurement


Integrating open source to a smart city life.  

Full Description

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost (less US$50.00), credit-card sized device with the same features of the conventional computer.

This low cost device allows citizens of smart cities to automate and control how much money are there willing to pay at their home by evaluating, in real time, their public services bill. The application is built on a second level when the drivers of public services (electricity, water, heating, etc) can be manage, control and billed remotely. Our third application built also a smart measurement of all indirect manufacturing costs of different Industries, to the extent of measuring issues such as steam boilers (which could be reused in power generation). This makes our solution not only technological but also green. Making your life more efficiently and fun: delegating tasks of monitoring services such as electric power, water, temperature, etc. to your Smart Device Measurement.

Far from home and you forgot to turn off the gas supply; do not worry; you can turn it off using Smart Measurement in your android or ios device.

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Somos un equipo de profesionales apasionados por la tecnología, creando soluciones innovadoras aplicables al diario vivir. 


Jorge Salgado
Elmer Padilla
José Jiménez
Pedro Cabrera
Pavel Cardoza


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