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A cool application to help you have a better experience while going on a trail.

Theseus is an app integrates safety, offline maps, trails route, interesting points reporting, social connection, and detailed statistics. This app can help you to ensure the safety and provide you an offline map while you are going on the trail. It’s not only a good companion for you, but it also allows you to connect with other users and can report and share your findings on the trail.

Full Description

The safety of the user will always be taken care of by using our app. The user can either send a SOS signal or let the app emit the noise signals to keep himself away from dangerous animals. 
  • SOS
Theseus enables users to be proactive in their safety by bridging the gap between doing nothing and calling for help in an unsafe situation. By pressing the Theseus safe button, a user is able to passively send their location information to us. We will help you to contact park security guard. If he presses it accidently then he can simply press it again to cancel the alert sent to security.
  • Making Noise
Theseus can help users to emit noise signals during their hiking trip. Emitting noise signals can help to keep away from some dangerous animals. Sometimes, the user may get tired of making noise so let the app do this work. 

Offline Topographic Maps
Our app also offers offline topographic maps of all the routes. When the user wants to go to the park, he can download the map of that particular park from the app. So if he doesn’t find the mobile network during his trip, he can access the trail routes through saved offline map. Several map styles are available both online and offline, including the Google Maps, topographic outdoor maps, and cycling maps. Route, hybrid, and satellite map styles from Google Maps are available. All offline maps are supported by data from Google Maps.

Trail Selection
Theseus can collect and show all routes and trails. Users can select which trail they would like to see in this app. These selected trails will be highlighted in the map. More information of each trail can be found through a link that related to this specific trail. 

Report / Mark 
The app allows general users and official users to report useful information, including viewpoints, animals, closures, special events, and warnings in the trail. The users can also update the existing information. For instance, if the reported animal is no longer there, another user may update it. Users can also give a "like" to other uses' findings. There will be two type accounts. One is the general user and the other is official user. 
  • General users
The general users can actively report animals, viewpoints and closures they see during the trail. They can also add short descriptions to it, like the animal name and what viewpoints they see.
  • Officials
The officials are the people involved in the park management. They are the higher authorities and must be verified by us. They can officially mark some important viewpoints and closures for some trails. They can also provide official warnings and announce special events in some areas. 

Social Connection
Theseus will show all the users currently on the map. It can help users to find companions who can travel together or chat with nearby users. Additionally, users can choose an invisible option so that he/she will become invisible to other users in the app.

Users are able to add Facebook friends and sync contacts in Theseus to know if their friends are also in this area or have visited this area before. They can also search some specific places to see if any of their friends have visited that place before. So, users can get more information from the friends that visited the place before or share their own experiences.

Detailed Statistics
Theseus will collect users' routing historical data and feedback. These data can be sent to officials. Then, officials can use that information to determine which trail or viewpoint is more popular from the number of “likes” for that particular trail or viewpoint. 

They can also come to know about the places on the routes having higher possibility of encountering animals. Then, the officials can update what animals are likely to be found in that area.

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Trail System Auburn


Yumeng Gao
Alex Schaltz
Caio Margutti Choll
Perik Patva
Yangfan Xu
Chao Li


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