Urban Pet


Challenge: create a smart pet, a best friend with an off button who helps you navigate the city and gives a little love.   

Full Description
Use a Sphero 2.0 ball, Android and IDOL OnDemand APIs from HP Haven so create a personal pet for robot to human interaction. The challenge is to create a pet that meets the Thuring test.

Step 1:
Using Android as the interface, capture speech, use Speech Recognition to translate speech to text. Using Document Categorization to crate custom entities, using entity extraction and search to identify the command. The initial set of commands is an instruction to change color and glow. Connect to the Sphero ball and make it glow.

Step 2:
Add motion commands to the Sphero ball and make it follow the owner or play fetch with other pets.

Step 3:
When playing a song on Android, use the frequency and volume variation of the song to make the Sphero ball dance and use the lyrics and Sentiment Analysis to change color.

Step 4:
Add social glow. Use friends social media posts and Sentiment Analysis to send you emotional alerts of friends.

Step 5:
Look for little robot with sensors and video support to upgrade personal pet features.

Video Presentation

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Urban Pets and Robots


Remko de Knikker



I use REST APIs from HP IDOL OnDemand instead. ;-)


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