VE Ready

Be prepared,Be aware, VE Ready

VE Ready is an educational application that teaches kids what to do in case of Volcanic or Sismic activity and how to react in case of contingency.Both teachers and safety departments will agree that it is important to teach kids how to react in case of contingency.

In this day and age kids learn faster with technology and using this technology children will learn how to                  prepare for this natural disasters using interactive activities designed specially for them.


In the first activity children can learn about the contents of a first aid medical kit by pointing their device to a medical kit which will then display all the contents of said medical kit.

In the info section,you can choose to get information about Volcanos or earthquakes

Or choose to watch informative videos instead

Kids will put their knowledge to the test solving a fast quiz with questions

Video Presentation

Augmented Designs


Project Manager:
Victor Rosas

Technology Leader:
Pedro Borunda

Science Leader:
Jacqueline Myers

Presenters:Carla Prieto

Lou Labadie

Darren Ursua

Armando Guerra

Estefania Rivera